About Us

Knowing who you do business with is always a good idea. So, here are a few things that you might like to know about us.

A Team With Vision

The vision of Revvl Health™ & Chiropractic is to see the health transformed in communities worldwide. Our mission is treating the whole person body, mind, and emotions— to be an oasis in the desert of modern healthcare. These health centers are places where individuals find hope, have their health restored, and begin walking in the fullness that their Creator has called them to walk out. 

Revvl Health™ products, services, and philosophies on health honor and breathe life into the biblical truths that our bodies are designed to heal themselves and that we are all fearfully & wonderfully made. 

Our ultimate desires are to serve our patient and fight for them as family while training the next generation of healthcare professionals to do the same. 

Dr. Pete Sulack
Founder of Revvl Health & Chiropractic
Health transformed
Actions and Philosophy Based On

Biblical Truth

"...before the silver cord is stretched and the golden bowl is broken..."

One of the most foundational pieces of the Revvl Health™ puzzle comes from a passage out of Ecclesiastes. In chapter twelve, verse six, King Solomon — the wisest king to walk the Earth — states that we should “get right with The Creator before the silver cord is stretched and the golden bowl breaks.” Today, biblical scholars and scientists collectively agree that Solomon is referencing the spinal cord (silver cord) itself and its protective layer of tissue, called the Dura mater (golden bowl). 


The products, services, and philosophies that revolve around releasing tension from the Dura mater began to develop before we realized the deep physical, emotional, and even spiritual impact that it had on the mind and the body. In fact, it wasn’t until years after Dr. Pete Sulack’s initial transition from moving the bones of the spine to releasing the Dura that a patient reached out to him and told him about King Solomon’s words. For him and the rest of the Revvl Health™ team, it was a deeply impactful confirmation of what they had already seen in practice. 

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Philosophy on Health