Concord Park

Are you looking for a picturesque outdoor park?  If so then Concord Park is for you.  Concord Park has something for everyone!  From fishing and swimming to playgrounds and picnics. With over 500 acres, 4 walking trails, Concord Park is more than your average park. 

Concord Park actually consists of three different parks.   Yes, three parks that are surrounded by one beautiful lake, Fort Loudoun Lake.  The three parks included in Concord Park are Concord Park East, Concord Park West and the Cove at Concord Park and each park has its own individual features which include skating, soccer, a dog park and a marina, a junior golf course, walking and biking trails and a dog park.

But wait, there’s more!

There are so many things to do at Concord Park there really is no need to go anywhere else.  Would you like to play a game of baseball?  Or would you like to go to a swimming beach and perhaps play a game of volleyball.  All of these are available at Concord Park. And if you like to bike or kayak, rentals are available for your use.  

Local residents are singing the praises: “This park has so many options for your use. There is a great water park area that the kids find delightful. The attached playground provides activities that every child will like. There is a long walking trail around the park. In good weather you’ll find baseball, soccer, football, running, chasing, frisbee, etc. all day long. Keep up the good times.”

If you are looking for a dog-friendly park…“Great dog park.  I’ve been trying to get the dogs to various dog parks around the area.  Glad to have found this one.  First time, it was freezing and we were the only ones there, but that is great for two small-ish dogs.  The second time, on a Saturday, was packed.  Still a very good visit.  The small dog area is large enough and you can enter the gate to the large dog area, which is huge!  We only go in there if there are not many dogs.  Super clean, grass was nice and great to have trees and rocks for the dogs to play on.”

With so many activities available in one location, there really is no need to go anywhere else, but sometimes there is happiness to be found in a simple activity like visiting a smaller park. Rocky Point Park is located just 1.2 miles (west) away from Concord Park.  Rocky Point Park is a much smaller park that also has lake access, picnic tables and rocks to climb on. 

Whether you enjoy visiting a large park with lots of amenities or a smaller park with a cozier setting there is always a chance that you may injure yourself.  If an injury does occur during your day at the park you are very lucky that there is an experienced chiropractor closeby.  Revvl Health & Chiropractic is conveniently located three miles north of Concord Park via TN Road 332 W (Concord Road) and Kingston Pike.

Driving Directions from Concord Park to Revvl Health & Chiropractic

Head north on Concord Park Dr toward Dock Rd
Continue onto Pool Rd
Turn left onto TN-332 E
Turn left onto Westland Dr
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto the Interstate 140 W ramp to Oak Ridge
Merge onto I-140 W
Continue onto TN-162 N
Take the Dutchtown Rd exit
Use the 2nd from the right lane to turn right onto Dutchtown Rd
Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Cogdill Rd
Turn right onto Technology Dr
Arrive at 10215 Technology Dr #100