Hardin Valley Community Park

Playing football and baseball is a favorite activity of both children and adults.  But finding a location that has a field that is big enough to play can be a problem. Luckily Hardin Valley has a park that has the space already available for these important sports. Hardin Valley Community Park has a field that is available for both football and baseball! 

But the field is not the only important feature of the Hardin Valley Community Park.  There is also a community center that has space for get-togethers, meetings and picnics. The gated field is large enough for sports gathering but also small enough for family get-togethers. 

Here’s what many of your neighbors have to say about this park: “A nice open space where family and friends can come together to enjoy an afternoon game of baseball”

“The Hardin Valley Community Park was an excellent location for our teams practice sessions.  Lots of room for the families to watch their children play!  Can’t wait until we visit the Park again.”

There is always a chance that an injury can occur, especially when playing football or baseball.  In the event that something does happen and you find yourself injured you can remain calm in knowing that there is help closeby!  Revvl Health & Chiropractic is a few miles away from the Hardin Valley Community Park.

Having a field that is open to play is an advantage to any community, and luckily Hardin Valley has that.  But if baseball or football is not an activity that you or younger children participate in there are several other fun things to do in the area. Defy Knoxville is a short drive away.  This indoor trampoline park is a good alternative, even for a rainy day!  Or if it is more to your liking, there is the Willow Creek Golf Club that is a mere twelve minutes away via Hickory Creek Road.

Driving Directions from Hardin Valley Community Park to Revvl Health & Chiropractic

Head northeast on Hickory Creek Rd toward Izzy Mule Ln
Turn right onto Hardin Valley Rd
Turn right onto the ramp to Knoxville
Merge onto TN-162 S
Take the Dutchtown Rd exit
Continue straight onto Cogdill Rd
Turn right onto Technology Dr
Arrive at 10215 Technology Dr #100