Melton Hill Park

Having an open space to be able to explore the world can bring true joy to everyone.  Finding that space can be quite the task.  West Knoxville residents are lucky to have this wonderful place readily available to them. Located just 20 minutes North of U.S. 40 lies one of the best kept secrets of Tennessee.  Melton Hill Park is a 112 acre park that has plenty of room for all to explore. Located on the banks of Melton Hill Lake in Hardin Valley, it’s a popular place with local residents year-round.

Melton Hill Park has over three miles of nature trails for you to walk or run on.  You can also bike your way around on the paved greenway. For the more experienced off road bicycle enthusiasts there are miles of less traveled back roads that connect to the main road of the park.  There are many different routes to travel, or make up your own! Exploring by bike can be fun, but be careful as the terrain can have some unexpected bumps. 

Melton Hill Park also has water access for you to launch your boat and also a dock for you to fish.  The shallowness of the lake near the shore line is a favorite of parents of small children.  Parents can sit under the shade of the nearby trees and watch their children play.  For those who wish to have a picnic there are plenty of scenic riverview spots available, in addition to a specified shaded picnic area.  The playground has slides, regular swings, baby swings, as well as a  sand volleyball court is also available for those who want to play. 

Local Knoxville residents had this to say:

  • “This park is absolutely beautiful with lots of waterfront, easy trails, and a good place to launch your boat”
  • “Best kept Secret. Great small Park for picnics and walks. Picturesque views”
  • “This is a peaceful park with lots of natural trails to walk on through fields of wildflowers. Lots of birds and wildlife. Great place for picnicking as well as the obvious water adventures”

Outside adventures are a great way to exercise and explore nature. Unfortunately accidents and injuries can occur. There’s no need to worry if you do injure yourself, Revvl Health & Chiropractic is closeby to help you get back to yourself. Revvl Health & Chiropractic is a a short drive southeast from Melton Hill Park. 

If you’re wanting to extend your Park visit to a weekend, a good alternative to the Melton Hill Park is the Melton Hill Dam Swimming Area. A short 11 mile drive Southwest, the Melton Hill Dam Swimming areas is a State Park that offers a roped off swimming area, a sand beach, picnic areas with grills and a campground.  

Driving Directions from Melton Hill Park to Revvl Health & Chiropractic

Head southeast on Williams Bend Rd toward Stephens Landing Wy
Continue onto Couch Mill Rd
Continue onto Sam Lee Rd
Turn right onto Steele Rd
Turn left onto Hardin Valley Rd
Turn right onto the ramp to Knoxville
Merge onto TN-162 S
Take the Dutchtown Rd exit
Continue straight onto Cogdill Rd
Turn right onto Technology Dr
Arrive at 10215 Technology Dr #100