Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Tennessee is a beautiful state!  One that has lots of state and local parks to explore. But every once in a while when you least expect it, your visit to a local park needs to be canceled.  Weather is usually the issue when canceling a trip to the park.  During days like this alternate plans need to be made and fast!  An alternate idea for an educational trip would be an excursion to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Oak Ridge is a short 23 miles drive Northwest of West Knoxville.

First looks would make some question what the National Laboratory really is?  And what do they do? The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a multiprogram science and technology national laboratory sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  The laboratory is the largest science and energy national laboratory in the Department of Energy.  The main focus of the Laboratory is primarily on materials, neutron science, energy, high performance computing, systems biology and national security. 

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Group Tour Program offers guided tours and virtual tours of the laboratory where visitors learn more about its facilities, research, operations, and history. Tours of the main campus are available for middle schools (grades 5-8) and high schools (grades 9-12), colleges and universities, and civic and community groups.  

The tours offered by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory includes stops at the Y-12 History Center which is located at the Y-12 National Security Complex’s New Hope Center, the Spallation Neutron Sours and the historic Graphite Reactor.  If you are a student in one of the many local schools such as New Jefferson Junior High School or the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, you might find an educational trip to the laboratory is on the cards! From the intersection of Bethel Valley Road and Pumphouse Rd, you will drive south west, passing by the ORNL Energy Systems Test Complex and then into the visitor entrance.

Residents of West Knoxville leave glowing reviews, such as “Oak Ridge National Laboratory Visitor Center has the best science fair events. My son has learned a lot of amazing educational information from their science fair downtown. They had trailers of new up to date science and electronic exhibits with volunteers near by to answer any questions.This was a very fun educational family event that was also free to the community”.

Guided tours are great to discover new things, or to broaden your understanding of how things work.  But injuries can even occur on excursions like this.  Tripping, falling, not watching where you are walking can cause accidents to occur.  When this happens it’s comforting to know that there is an experienced chiropractor nearby to help you with your chiropractic needs.  The Revvl Health & Chiropractic office is a short drive via Tennessee 162 East.  

If you do go to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and would like to extend your visit in the area there are several campgrounds that are closeby.  One of these is the Melton Hill Dam Campground which is only 7.3 miles away.  The campground offers a public boat ramp, picnic and swim area and an overlook that also includes picnic tables and benches.

Driving Directions from Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Revvl Health & Chiropractic

Head east on Bethel Valley Rd toward Melton Valley Access Rd
Merge onto TN-62 E
Keep right to continue on TN-162 S
Take the Dutchtown Rd exit
Continue straight onto Cogdill Rd
Turn right onto Technology Dr
Arrive at 10215 Technology Dr #100