Solway Park

Finding a small peaceful park that you and your family can enjoy can be a task.  However, residents of West Knoxville are fortunate to have one of these “secretive, peaceful Parks”.  And it’s located in the middle of a rapidly developing tract home site. Welcome to Solway Park. 

Located just north of I-45 and TN Road 62 you will find Solway Park.  Solway Park may be small in comparison to other parks, but its features are appealing to many visitors. The park rests on two acres of a tree lined field and has a softball field, picnic tables and most importantly, restrooms!  

The open field allows visitors to play frisbee, play with their dogs, and even fly drones or model airplanes.  The picnic tables allow families to enjoy a picnic on a warm sunny day.  But the best qualities that Solway Park has is that it is clean and safe.  It truly is a great park! 

When asked why they like to come to this park, you’ll hear people say things like “Solway Park in Knoxville is a hidden treasure, even the permanent sign cannot be seen while driving on Solway Rd. Quiet green zone ideal for lunch break or sweetly romantic picnic”. 

Local resident AJ had this to say: “Amazing Park with lots of covered places for parents to wait while kids have fun! Also a great place to host a birthday party!”

If you need to get out and get in your steps, you’ll be glad to know that it’s a nice and clean park, good trail for walking.

Families love this place – local resident Gary said “Awesome park! Great for the family to get out and catch some sun…safe, clean, very family oriented atmosphere!”

To escape from the daily grind, local resident Roni says: “It’s a lovely place to hang out and have lots of fun, it’s sometimes quiet and good for meditations and studies if you like nature”

As with all great parks, on any visit an injury can occur.  But rest assured there is an experienced chiropractic office close-by that can help you get back on your feet again. Revvl Health & Chiropractic is located a few miles southeast of Solway Park.  An eleven minute drive can have you back in action again!  

If your visit to the park wasn’t planned or if you didn’t pack a picnic lunch there are several restaurants within a short drive south where you can pick up something to enjoy!  From fried chicken to ribs, or even a trip to the grocery store to pick up the needed items.  An impromptu picnic at Solway Park can be enjoyed by everyone.  

Driving Directions from Solway Park to Revvl Health & Chiropractic

Head southeast on Solway Rd toward George Light Rd
Turn left onto George Light Rd
Turn right onto TN-162 S
Take the Dutchtown Rd exit
Continue straight onto Cogdill Rd
Turn right onto Technology Dr
Arrive at 10215 Technology Dr #100